An Interrelationship Between Livestock and Biodiesel

The increases in biodiesel production in the last two decades have led to an interrelationship between biodiesel and the livestock and poultry industries. Biodiesel’s ability to use animal fats – made from beef tallow, pork grease and chicken fats – creates demand for products that weren’t previously there. Biodiesel also creates demand for soybean oil, taking some of the price pressure off soybean meal which is used for animal feed.

Biodiesel’s impact on these factors varies based on species and where a farmer falls in the value chain. But, the benefits can be seen throughout the livestock industry.

Here’s a breakdown of Biodiesel’s impact today:


To read more about how we arrived at these numbers, explore Biodiesel’s Impact on the Beef Industry or Biodiesel’s Impact on the Pork Industry



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