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Biodiesel industry honors climate champions, career long-achievements

Jan 27, 2016
2016 Eye Awards announced

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Climate benefits, reducing emissions common vein throughout industry awards

TAMPA– Biodiesel has many benefits, but its ability to reduce emissions was a main theme of this year’s National Biodiesel Board industry awards. Landmark climate efforts, heavy duty vehicle market dominance, and lifetime careers dedicated to the advancement of biodiesel were all honored this week during the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.

“The biodiesel industry is full of inspiring, innovative, pioneers,” said Ron Marr, chairman of the National Biodiesel Board. “Whether you are improving air quality one home at a time with Bioheat® fuel, or reducing millions of tons of carbon through state policy efforts, it takes tremendous dedication and leadership. We are proud to recognize these individuals for their efforts to move America’s Advanced Biofuel forward.”

NBB recognizes the 2016 “Eye on Biodiesel” award winners this week. The honorees are:

Climate Leader: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF); Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2); and the American Lung Association in California for their environmental leadership to promote all clean fuels, including biodiesel, along the West Coast. These three organizations, along with other NGOs, bolstered and defended Low Carbon Fuel policies in California and Oregon. 

After a three year legal battle, California re-adopted its Low Carbon Fuel Standard in September of 2015. California is now on track to reduce its carbon by 10 percent in the transportation sector. Biodiesel is the lowest carbon liquid fuel available today to help meet these requirements. Oregon, faced with legal challenges, voted to implement a similar policy with a 10 percent reduction goal slated for 2025. These organizations and others were on the ground creating reports and other materials that highlighted the rapid growth of the alternative fuels industry and how policies would further greater investment into advanced biofuels, such as biodiesel. Moreover, they worked tirelessly to defend the legal challenges and were instrumental in helping to defend these trail blazing carbon reduction policies. 

Impact:           Beth Calabotta. Beth’s experience in the field of agricultural yield technology and the markets that drive demand for protein give her a rare and valuable knowledge base that she has put 100 percent into her work to advance biodiesel. She has contributed greatly to the sustainability efforts at NBB and projects to analyze the real world indirect effects of biodiesel production. Beth's knowledge and leadership was instrumental in improving the science used to quantify biodiesel's growth potential and greenhouse gas benefits. She has also worked aggressively to pursue funding from industry as well as broadening the feedstock organizations that contribute to and benefit from the technical and education programs funded by the National Biodiesel Foundation.

Initiative:        PACCAR Inc. More than 100 thousand trucks join renewable fuel ranks as PACCAR Inc. embraces biodiesel blends in its engines, old and new. Considering average mileage, these trucks alone have the potential to run 12 billion miles annually, and they are just the tip of the biodiesel vehicle population. PACCAR Inc. announced its new PACCAR MX-11 engine and all model years of its MX-13 engine, both legacy models and new equipment, are now approved for use with B20. PACCAR diesel engines are sold in heavy duty trucks under the Kenworth and Peterbilt nameplates in North America.  Peterbilt and Kenworth already support B20 in their medium duty truck models (PX-7 and PX-9 engine equipped), and PACCAR’s latest change means there are now a total of nearly 1 million Peterbilt and Kenworth medium and heavy duty trucks approved for running cleaner and greener B20 biodiesel blends.

Pioneer Award: John Maniscalco. For more than twenty years John Maniscalco has served as the head of the New York Oil Heating Association. Maniscalco has been at the forefront of leadership in the heating oil industry, serving as the first treasurer of the National Oilheat Research Alliance before his time at NYOHA. He’s also been at the forefront of the industry’s move to Bioheat®, biodiesel in home heating. He was instrumental in New York City implementing legislation for B2 heating oil citywide. New York City continues to be a Bioheat® leader in the Northeast on both policy and public perception when it comes to cleaning up heating oil.

Lifetime Achievement:           Mike Livergood, ADM. Mike Livergood is retiring this year from ADM after nearly four decades with the industry leader. Mike serves as Vice President, Global Oleo Chemicals but held many positions throughout his time with the company. Mike has been at the forefront of helping develop the biodiesel industry even before there was a commercial biodiesel industry in the US.  His work to keep the industry unified through the National Biodiesel Board has been essential to growth and success.  His thoughtful and effective leadership has helped guide the industry through every major challenge in the last two decades.  Mike’s contributions can be seen in nearly every aspect of today’s biodiesel industry.

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Additional information about biodiesel is available online at www.biodiesel.org.