Backers Description

BIODIESEL BACKERS are a diverse coalition of individuals from across the nation and around the world who find common ground in their support for biodiesel fuel. The National Biodiesel Board created the Biodiesel Alliance and Backers program. It has received support from the United Soybean Board, state soybean organizations as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

THE ALLIANCE & BACKERS PROGRAM PROVIDES information and resources to keep you informed.  Occasional alerts are sent to Biodiesel Backers with new and timely information such as biodiesel pump openings, creative ways in which biodiesel is supported and promoted, grant announcements and the latest biodiesel research and industry news.

TO JOIN, just click this link and complete the short registration form.  It costs you nothing because there are no membership dues.  As a Biodiesel Backer, you are simply expressing your support for the increased use of biodiesel fuel across America and gaining access to timely information about new developments and opportunities to help support biodiesel fuel use.